Susan & Doug

Doug and I retired in 2011 and moved from Rochester, NY to Vista, Ca. Four out of our five kids lived on the west coast, the fifth moved here shortly after we did. Frankly, we were sick of the long winters and really wanted a fresh , new life. We had a plan, buy a wreck of a house, and spend years turning it into our dream home. After almost ten years I can honestly say this has been the most enjoyable adventure of my life. I didn’t plan on becoming a gardener but when you live in one of the most favorable growing conditions on the planet, it’s pretty hard not to. Our “wreck” of a house is slowly being transformed into a peaceful and comfortable retreat to spend the rest of our years. 

This blog shares the transformation. Along the way, we have met the most friendly and caring people. We’re active in the Vista Garden Club, whose members are extremely creative and helpful.